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About Us

City Training UK - Experts Financial Training

City Training UK (“City Training”) is a world leading provider of premium public courses, in-house training and courses for universities and schools.

City Training was founded and is currently managed by several ex-investment bankers who are trainers themselves and passionate about training.

We work with a team of expert trainers, who are among the most experienced specialists in their respective fields. You and your team will benefit from the knowledge, experience and creative approach of a professional with years’ of experience in your sector using recent case studies in your industry.

Why Choose City Training?

Client Focus – A small London-based friendly team dedicated to its clients and tailoring courses to your business.

Experience and professionalism – Our trainers all held senior positions in the City, Wall Street or other leading financial centres and are talented lecturers.

Practical Programmes – Up-to-date, practical training including all the latest trends and recent case studies in your field

From heads of departments to credit analysts, recent graduate joining M&A, vice-president in private equity, middle office risk professionals, our trainers have trained thousands of professionals at the following leading institutions worldwide.

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“Despite having been in the business for 5 years, I discovered new angles which I had never thought about. Very well structured training with current and very relevant case studies.”
Peter, Finance team of a large UK bank
“The material and case studies are first class. The trainer is patient, clear and keeps everyone participating all the time. Well done!”
Peter, Leading investment bank in London
“Very good LBO modeling course. I now understand much better capital structure and sensitivities for IRR. It gives me full confidence in my new role”
Alex, a new joiner in private equity, New York
“Thank you for this excellent training. I now better understand how to forecast and model a bank. Very knowledgeable trainer”
Mark, an analyst in FIG, London
“A dedicated trainer willing to answer all my questions during the break and after class.”
Sarah, a credit analyst, Paris